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How is it Friday already? It's been a most productive morning, I have tripped over the dog twice, put on my big girl panties and mixed up the no knead pannetone/cosonac/vassilopita recipe I found, that's from the people that brought us no knead bread.

In the process, I think I have sent my Oster Kitchen Center just a little closer to Happy Acres. I've had it since I left home, lo these *mumble* years ago, and we share those memories of many many batches of cookies, and 'mom, I need 35 cupcakes tomorrow', and it's a blender AND a food processor, AND a meat grinder.

So, I'm lookin' for input. While I finish polishing the wood until it glows, and trying to sort out who's coming for dinner Saturday, and who's coming Sunday, and regretting that I don't need to sneak away to watch my Bears play on Sunday night, because it does not matter.

Anyone want to come over and help me stuff cabbage?
Tags: run up to the holidays
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