beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

I'm back

Been in NOLA for wincon, and oh, a good time was had.

Today was my detox day, my feet still hurt from the walkies, but if you are interested, jenna_thorn_lj and that might not be the right link, but this is wrote up Thursday and because I am a lazy slug, I am just linking you to her work.

I note that she has not covered the ensuing meander down Bourbon Street, the extremely graceful fashion in which I stepped INTO the gap in a grate and had to extract my heel, with some force. Note: Spike Heels and Bourbon street do not mix.

Nor did she address the Cat's Meow, which I believe falls under the Protection Plan of What Happens at Wincon Stays at Wincon, save for the fact that I love fangirls beyond the telling of it, and there were beads.

Liquor may have been involved. IDEK. FDSN.

wave_obscura is a goddess and you should never ever drink a Grenade.
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