beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

Vampire Big Bang

I don't usually post art. I know a little about Photoshop though, so when one of my flisties said,"'Hey, Vampire Big Bang needs artists, can you help?" I thought, I could do that. When I read beren_writes's summary, I said, "Oh, I want to do THAT."

I was lucky enough to get the story I really wanted. beren_writes was great to work with and I hope I've made pretties that she likes, and do the story justice.

Since it's a story starring figure skaters, a generic divider.

The story starts in Moscow

That closes out the first section.

another version

and its own divider

The story takes an interesting turn there, for even more opportunity

Be sure to read beren_writes story here for the full effect :-)
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