beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

Knitting Olympics

I am the queen of over extending. We all already know this, right?

Not only am I trying to meet a writing deadline, but I'm knitting a pattern, you may recall, written in German.

Last night, I was reduced to throwing the project across the room because I could not figure out how the pattern instructions were supposed to get me to the desired stitch count. Or how that stitch count was supposed to be enough to reach across my back. After a panicked PM to mabiana, the kindest of knitters, who confirmed that my translation of the method was correct, I sat down with a coffee and a cigarette and a pencil, calculator and paper.

I am an idiot. I jumped from the instructions for the back to the instructions for the front. It's a cardigan, so, half as many stitches, right? That was the math flaw. Crisis averted?

Nope. I already know I'm behind on my pace. Do I stop to thoroughly read the pattern? Nuh uh. Knit 13, 81 stitches in lace pattern. This should leave 13 at the other side. No. 15. Count. Recount. Cry. Recount.

I missed the important designation randm or edge stitch. Rip. I could maybe be on track now.

No pictures, because I would probably plug the camera into my ear by mistake.

I may finish this during the Summer Games in 2012.
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