beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

Don't get out much

After a crazy mad scramble around downtown Minneapolis which was laid out with a 20 sided dice, The Boy™ and I went to see Macbeth.

My preference is for "descent into madness" Macbeth, rather than emo!Macbeth, and nary a kilt in sight. Not even a tartan, unless you want to allow Lady MacDuff's hound's tooth skirt. Machine guns and stabby knives, special forces and chain mail. It was a very disconcerting setting.

The tech crew at the Guthrie is very good, and I enjoyed the minimalist staging very much.

Otherwise? Lady Macbeth, MacDuff and Banquo were well played, as was the Porter, whose timing and body language were a delight to watch. I love the comedic characters in the tragedies so much.

I was disappointed. Promised The Boy™ we would watch Ian McKellan and Judi Dench on DVD this weekend, maybe I can talk him into Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet as a unicorn chaser?
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