beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

Dear TV

I haven't had a chance to see House, or Castle, either flavor of NCIS, The Good Wife or the Forgotten. No, nor Glee or Cougar Town, not even Criminal Minds. I did see Eastwick. I didn't love it, but if anyone intends to edit this show to only the scens in which Paul Gross appears, I would be on for that. Actually, I would be perfectly happy with the audio. It's not that he's not good looking, but he's a good example of voices that could make me happy reading the phone book.

Tonight, I will try to catch up on what I've already missed this week, and, of course, there is Show. There is Shirtless!Sam, so there may be a distinct lack of coherence from this location thereafter. As per usual.

On Friday there is Dollhouse, on Saturday, there appears to be nothing at all on television. Can't they break up the 7PM Thursday slot a little?

Anyone have suggestions for what I should be watching, or pass on entirely?
Tags: tv
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