beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

I blame the dog.

This morning, I left the house on time. Stopped to get gas. Do you know, the 'convenience' stores don't carry pantyhose any more? I went to the grocery store next door, and grabbed the hose. Then, while I was there, I grabbed something for lunch. Then, the siren song of the Pop-Tart lured me to the cereal aisle, and the Bold Chex Mix was on sale 2/$5.

This put me on the road with the crazy people who go to work later than I do. They think changing lanes without signaling is fine. That zipping in between me and a car hauler that's braking is a good idea. That driving 10 miles below the speed limit at rush hour on the freeway is perfectly acceptable.

I'll be in early tomorrow.
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