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so, in order, yeah? Day 2 and Day 3

So, Up at 7, out the door by 7:30 to get to Himself's brother's house before they blocked off the streets.  Stopped for coffee.  Failed our street-crossing roll.  They shut them off at 7:30.
So, we schlepped chairs and coolers to our staked out parade spot - SIL1 got up at 4 to lay out blankets, the time honored method of reserving ones space - then, Himself walked the remaining block to his brother's house and I held down the fort. 

30 minute pre-parade (emergency vehicles with sirens blaring and the local Harley Owner's Group from the area on their bikes) and a two hour parade.  I made 6 quarts of bloody marys,  Five of us drank them all but a half quart.  Now, we have people coming for a party.  Why do I do this every year?  I dunno.  Must find a beer.  Maybe two.

Six different salads later, I became the cruise director and organized the bean bag toss team, in the style of the NCAA tournament.  After the world championship, the party started to break up, and I sent them off to the fireworks and did all the dishes, while I watched a Castle rerun.  Discovered I can see the fireworks in the backyard.  Had another beer, got a text about the race at Daytona, so came back in to watch the end of the race.
Montana tomorrow.  Flight at 8:50.  I expect them home shortly, I'll be repacking my bags as soon as I can figure out where the damned light switch is in the den.  Tired and bloated.  Pretty sure I'll be sleeping on the plane.

Fly fly fly.  Rent a car, drive up a mountain - have my ears pop _twice_.  Go into town for dinner, eat chicken fried steak.  So good.  Also, first chance to try Fred's Black Ale.  I am on board.  Back to airport to pick up the rest of the family, arriving on a later flight.  Mountains are amazingly cool.  Am tired.
Tags: food, vacation
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