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so, in order, yeah? Day 1

Been on vacation - July 3

Got up this morning, finished packing.  First leg, Racine for the annual fourth of July gathering at SIL1's house.  Himself is a terrible flyer, praying the plane into the air, as well as back down.  I watched an episode of SG-1, he clutched the armrest.  We arrived without incident.
SIL1 picked us up, and then we tried to find the Comet Café in Milwaukee.  I say "tried" because her Garmin tried to take us the ten mile trip (we flew into Milwaukee, for cryin' out loud) by way of Chicago.  A stop at a local convenience store where the attendant was unable to assist, and Himself said "It's by the lake."  Lake Michigan.  Rather large.  We kept losing satellite with the Garmin, because Himself had it in his lap, as opposed to where it could "see" the satellite.  We went round and round, with my nephew driving the second car trying to follow our tomfoolery.  Was comical.  Many expletives, and much merriment. Eventually, we reset the Garmin, who now is called "Jackie" and got there.  Waited an hour for a table, which I spent smitten with a Bloody Mary.  With a half inch base of Guinness and a bacon swizzle stick.  I'm in love.  May be the best Bloody Mary I ever drank in my life.
I  had the compact turkey dinner, which is turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes mixed, formed into balls and deep fried.  Excellent, although the gravy, not so much.  Himself had the meatloaf sandwich which was great, but the gravy was extremely salty.  We found the place on Diners Drive-ins and Dives from the Food Network.  If you're in Milwaukee, worth the trip.  Oddly enough, our waitress was from St. Paul.
Back to Racine, naps were on order, but beer was instead, and we played some trivia at Castle Lanes.  Not worth the extra trip, but they had the beautiful blue playmakers that are part of my life now.  Dinner at a Mexican restaurant not worth mentioning, and back to the house for more beer and bonfire.  Prepped for the cookout tomorrow, made jugs of our usual parade bloody marys, and now, it's late and we have to be up early.
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