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Getting there

Almost all the shopping is done, two nephews left. Baked peanut butter cookies today, as that is what was wanted. Cleaned out half the guest room. Vikings lost, yay! Knit some on a hat that's also a gift. Himself is abed, he has to work tomorrow, I am cheered by the kids and the baby downstairs having a little get together with their two best friends, the tree sparkling with its colored lights and Luther Vandross crooning holiday songs. Luckily, I haven't gotten to Dan Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne", or I would be maudlin. I am off until the 29th, thank goodness!

Tomorrow, the rest of the guest room, package wrapping, laundry, cleaning. For a change, this year, one set of in-laws will be staying here.

I think I will attempt Springerle, mom loves them, it will be a present for her.

The construction project needs to happen tomorrow too, or there will be no place to hang coats. Must decide where to relocate the computer.

What are you up to?
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