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21 December 2008 @ 11:20 pm
Getting there  
Almost all the shopping is done, two nephews left. Baked peanut butter cookies today, as that is what was wanted. Cleaned out half the guest room. Vikings lost, yay! Knit some on a hat that's also a gift. Himself is abed, he has to work tomorrow, I am cheered by the kids and the baby downstairs having a little get together with their two best friends, the tree sparkling with its colored lights and Luther Vandross crooning holiday songs. Luckily, I haven't gotten to Dan Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne", or I would be maudlin. I am off until the 29th, thank goodness!

Tomorrow, the rest of the guest room, package wrapping, laundry, cleaning. For a change, this year, one set of in-laws will be staying here.

I think I will attempt Springerle, mom loves them, it will be a present for her.

The construction project needs to happen tomorrow too, or there will be no place to hang coats. Must decide where to relocate the computer.

What are you up to?
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Vanilla  ... Spiked with Slivovitz: holidays are no time for restraint  by cjenna_thorn on December 22nd, 2008 02:34 pm (UTC)
I am at work in a mostly empty office and am about to open up multiple windows, all of them word processing, most of which will hold various documents that must go to corporate before January 5, one of which we aren't writing.

Himself and Bear are at home, though he may go in to help at the shop even though it's his day off, because Kennedy and Obama's mutterings about bans have made his shop very very profitable this fall and holiday season.

We signed and stamped cards yesterday, in between watching Life Season one and my Cowboys lose. I swear, when Romo and Barber went out with injuries a few weeks back, it's like every one else gave up on the season. The only person who still thinks they can win and is fighting for the playoffs with every fiber of his being is Terence Newman. Well, and my darling Jason, who never ever gives up and limped off the field making it only to the sidelines before having to call for help last night. Eep!

And the gift list is down to one, my brother in law, who was handed over to Himself a week ago. I reminded him this morning. I'm holding him to it, dammit. If, as I suspect will happen, that means he gets to run to the Hickory Farms kiosk for his health conscious b-i-l, so be it, dammit. Not. My. Job. One gift on the entire list is not mine. He can do it. (Wanna bet we stop by Bass Pro for a gift card on the way out to their house Christmas Eve? Yeah, me too.)
beadslutbeadslut on December 22nd, 2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
FIRST, the building project, hardware store (replacement glass, you see), Best Buy pickup, post office and maybe manicure - because I smashed my finger in the tailgate on Friday, and it needs fixing.

It's -9, so I'm in a big hurry....

THEN, I can open my wp windows :-)

Your 'boys really looked sad yesterday, I agree.

Carbonelcarbonel on December 23rd, 2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
The Vikings (especial Tavaris Jackson and Adrian Peterson) have the bad hands. Bah.

As to what I'm up to, I'm doing monthly expenses for my boss on the entirely sucky company website. Consider a system that has to update every time you enter a bit of data. And takes approximately 20 second to update. Consider 60 items to enter, each with seven or so fields.

Actually, don't consider it. It's just too depressing. I'm almost done, though. Then I get to find out if tomorrow is a company holiday, and if so, I think I'll spend the day baking.