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Yesterday, I declared today to be "kick butt and take names" day. It's not quite nine, yet, and we may be able to go home on Sunday, if everything goes well.

I need the social worker to coordinate the discharge and his admission to the MN facility. Co-driver/caregivers will be arranged by Himself, and possibly The Boy™ or some other brawny types. I can't lift him alone, and I will not endanger both our safety as the only driver. That would be stupid and totally wipe out all the good I've managed so far.

I have to determine what he can take with, and what should be taken out of his apartment, although I am not dealing with the actual place right now. That can wait since there is no problem with leaving it empty, the custodians will look out for it.

I am off to beard the physical therapy people in their den. Wish me luck.
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