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Update 10

Awake after breakfast, then when he went to sleep, I went to the bank for him and mailed his insurance premium and assessment. Got back in time for lunch, and my aunt and uncle came to visit. She's at the end of her rope, and handed me the documents dad left with her a few years ago, including his will. She says I should find someone else to be the executor. Thanks, a lot.

Slept most of the afternoon, I went and bought more yarn, and then it was dinner time, he didn't eat much of that at all.

He was more awake this evening, we talked about baseball, and he reached to his bedside table with his good hand and successfully got his own drink. Yay! Small Victory! Yay!

He asked after my allergies, which is what I told him was wrong when he caught me crying several days ago.

I'm at the apartment now, cheering for the Sox AND the Twins, because I'm torn. Hahaha. More conflict.
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