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Update 9

I think the tone of these updates has been very down, you're getting them after I get back after being at the hospital all day. It's grim, and sad, but I'm not overwhelmed, although I could use a massage and a nice bottle of wine. It will be me time soon enough.

Dad is in a regular hospital room for the first time tonight. Because of his sight issues, they rigged a call button for him with an electrode, very McGyver.

Tomorrow we work on getting stronger and staying awake more. PT evaluation in which I get to learn how to help him move around. More evaluation, then maybe we can make a plan to transport.

I called one of my oldest friends, a guy who used to pull my hair when we were seven. He's an attorney, and he recommended a colleague who handles family law so I can get all the legal stuff addressed, which was on the agenda for my next trip if this hadn't happened. My aunt is dad's executor, and not up to the task, so it's very necessary. In addition, the guy is here, where all the stuff is.

Dinner tonight at Leona's, where I had mushroom ravioli. Couldn't finish, so a lovely meal is in the fridge for tomorrow.

Hi, y'all, how are you?
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