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Update 8

Little things, He has agreed to come to Minnesota, and to quit worrying, because I've got this one. Still thinks the alarms in ICU are doorbells and telephones that need answering. Didn't eat much today, but enough. The nurses packed me up and sent me home, apparently I look tired, too.

He's off IV, and oral meds are mostly controlling the BP. If he stays under control tonight, then we can go forward. Hope for no relapse in the BP situation. It is believed that there is still swelling in the brain, which is causing all this. He is on a steroid to control this. He can squeeze with his right hand, also good. Arms are covered with bruises from IV sites. Poor Daddy.

Had a great breakfast at Susie's Lunch Time Grill, eggs, rice, bulgogi and kimchee. It was so good.

Tomorrow, I have to go talk to the bank.
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