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Update 6

I think I'm on 6.

The oncologist came to talk to me today. She is a "don't interrupt the doctor" type, not endearing me to her, and the news is grim. The tumor is actually tennis ball size. She suggested radiation and chemo, must think on that. It will make him so unhappy.

I discussed his coming home to Minnesota with me, he's pretty miffed with me at the moment even though he initiated the conversation. He knows, though that he needs rehab, and probably a nursing home. I told him when he was well enough to live on his own again, I would bring him back to Chicago.

He seems unaware of what's going on with his body, confused about not being allowed out of bed for bodily functions. I let his attending nurse feed him dinner, instead of me. Breakfast and lunch took over an hour, because he can only take very small bits at a time and has to chew and swallow them completely before he can have another, aspiration is a real danger. He didn't do as well with dinner. He wanted a hamburger tomorrow, I think that's not going to happen.

My mother is 89 today, and I nearly forgot to call her and wish her well, promising to make it up to her.

Splitting myself in a lot of directions, but really don't have anything else I can do.

ETA: I bought him a shuffle today, and loaded it with classical music. Seems to make him happy.
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