beadslut (beadslut) wrote,

Update 4

Still mostly out of it from anaesthesia, he's never done well with it. He's lucid, though, asked me about the cut on his head and if they found anything. His blood pressure is rally high, despite meds, so I bailed and told him we had to wait to hear from the doctor.

Seriously high 181/65. Arterial pressure gets up to 200/69.

More questions, who did the biopsy, how long did it take, how many stitches, what did they measure. He's in there, my dad is, along with an evil malignant tumor that is going to take him in a month or two. I am angry at his retinologists for not thinking his rapid and severe vision loss was a symptom, for telling him to take vitamins and avoid cholesterol, rather than seek out his primary phsician for a consultation. I am angry at myself for not thinking something else could be the matter. Would it have given us more time? Probably not.

Tomorrow, I'll tell him and we'll make a plan. Hospital tissues are made of sandpaper.
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