beadslut (beadslut) wrote,


McCorporation is a funny place. One of the time-honored traditions states each group gets to have a catered summer picnic outing. If you're _very_ lucky, like me, you get put on the picnic committee. That means you get to plan within a very stict set of constraints and hear all the criticism after. All in all, it went okay last night, and I have this to show for it.

In other news, I'm going to Chicago on the 9th to deal with some Dad stuff. His vision is deteriorating and he's afraid and I'm hoping they won't renew his driver's license. At the moment, that means setting up paratransit, getting groceries and prescriptions delivered, calling the church to have someone pick him up and bring him to services and the like. Home Tuesday. Do you think the disposal will be installed by then?
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